Heart2Save solution is based on the arrhythmia detection algorithm which enables easy diagnosis of a latent arrhythmia by health care professionals in many different environments like in nursing homes. It can also be used by risk groups or by anyone who wants to follow your heart as part of your daily lives and exercise program.

An artificial intelligence (AI) based analytics program developed by Heart2Save can very reliably diagnose heart arrhythmia, for example, by using sensors attached to a mobile phone. The underlying algorithm for atrial fibrillation detection is currently in the medical validation and licensing process based on the ECG data collected from more than 4000 patients.

Also a continuous-use heart rate monitor, such as a sport or smart watch based on optical pulse measurement, can be used to alert of the need for more accurate measurement. Heart2Save has created an end-to-end solution where measurement results are sent to a cloud service for analysis and further on to a medical reporting system.

The ideal system will consist of wearables as a warning device, mobile-ECG as a diagnostic device and transmission of arrhythmia ECG into doctor for individualized care.