Our company

Heart2Save Oy is a healthcare technology company founded in 2015 to develop the service to diagnose heart arrhythmias. In her work as an emergency doctor the founder of the company Dr. Helena Jäntti started to think that there should be new tools and methods to help heart patients before it’s too late. Many often fatal strokes could be avoided if only the patient would know his/her condition beforehand and get the needed treatment for the disease early enough.

The company’s core competence is to detect arrhythmias. Team for this is strong: on top of medical doctors we have biometric signal processing PhD’s onboard. This team is supported by medical device R&D and business development professionals. The investor team has brought new expertise both from medical and business perspective.

Team with wide scientific background is vital for the medical technology company as you need to get through the regulation with your product concept. In the case of arrhythmia algorithms huge amount of data collected from the real patients is required which can in practice to be done only in hospital environment with proper approvals from authorities.

Our passion is both helping people with potential heart condition and creating value equally for patients, society and investors. Demand for fast and cost efficient heart screening is clear: from economical perspective cost saving potential is tremendous and our health care system requires new tools and methods to cope with future challenges. Preventive approach is a key both to improve individual wellbeing and to control costs.