”The long experience as an Emergency doctor urged me to search for new and better ways for diagnosing symptomless arrhythmia before a more serious, possibly fatal stroke. Only a few of us have an opportunity to undergo frequent ECG screening in hospital environment. However, if a proactive screening based on continuous heart rate monitoring could be implemented among the risk groups, the impact could be economically significant. Most importantly, individual suffering could be avoided”

says Helena Jäntti, founder of the company, Emergency Doctor, FinnHEMS60 Kuopio.


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The role of pitching competitions to Heart2Save has been remarkable. During our company’s history, we have participated three major pitching competitions – and won them all. The first Tahko Ski Lift Pitch competition last year was the most unforgettable and has impacted our c
Company’s financing round collecting new funds and talent is now successfully closed. First project together with Tekes fully reached its targets and we just got decision from Business Finland that they will also participate to our R&D phase. This enables solid financial founda
The algorithm development team at Heart2Save just got stronger! We welcome MSc Pekka Kuoppa into the team, which now consists of the following top experts in cardiovascular signal processing: PhD Mika Tarvainen, 15 years of experience in medical signal analysis and physiologic